new to feel better yoga?

We are so glad you are here! This is the place where we move, breathe, sweat, create, and just HAVE FUN!

There are no mirrors here, no judgement, no expectations. At Feel Better, you’ll feel stronger, bigger, bolder, & more badass in general.

Our yoga rooms are filled with natural light & our flooring is top-of-the-line yoga rubber tiles. Which we love, because they are super comfy, they cushion your joints, and help you deepen your practice. We end every practice with a delightful cold lavender towel and a whole lot of sweat.

Read on to find out how to get started, and get answers to some of our biggest FAQs (like does flexibility even matter? Spoiler alert: nope.)


what’s with the heat?

Our rooms are heated to 90-95 degrees, but that should not scare you! It’s a clean, feel-good heat and our visitors are often surprised by how good it feels.

The heat actually helps. It helps with your breath, your flexibility, your skin and your mood. And of course, you can’t beat it for loosening up tight joints.

Internally, the benefits are there too. Because it causes better blood circulation, your internal system and your immune system see results. Sweating out toxins through movement and breath has you leaving sweaty but feeling fresh.

And there’s a kick-ass post-class glow. Bonus.




I'm not flexible, can I do yoga?

Yes! Absolutely! To begin a yoga practice, you need flexibility of the mind, not the body. Flexibility is a result that comes later, along with better health, strength, focus, and connection with yourself.

What do I wear?

Exercise pants, leggings, shorts. moisture-wicking, breathable fabric is fab. For ladies, a fitted top is best.

Should I eat before practice?

Everyone is different. A heavy meal before class is not a good idea. Try a light, healthy protein snack an hour or so before class. More importantly, drink a LOT of water. Come to class hydrated & be sure you drink water both during & after.

How much will I sweat?

A lot! We heat our classes to 90 degrees, which sounds pretty scary, we know. But our comfortable well-heated room won’t affect you like NC on a hot day. It’s a clean, refreshing heat, so you’re not likely to get dizzy or overheated. You’ll very likely be surprised at how much you love it!

Is there a place to change clothes?

Yes there is! We have a dressing room and a bathroom. Easily squeeze in a workout before, during, or after work.*

*At our Graham location, you can even shower here! Our beautiful studio has two showers in addition to our dressing rooms.

What do I need to know before I arrive?

Sign up on online to ensure you get the class you’d like. (If you don’t make class for whatever reason, you will not be charged for the class). We’ll reserve a certain number of spots for each class for walk ins/drop ins. Bring a yoga mat, a towel, and some water. Try to get here about 10 minutes early, as we lock the front doors about two minutes before class starts so we can start the classes on time.

Check in at the desk & leave your shoes in the welcome room. (just bare feet in the yoga room, please.) Tell your instructor before class about any injuries or medical conditions you have going on. During class, if you have a question, please wait till after class & talk to the instructor. We definitely welcome your questions & will be delighted to answer them as best we can.